Preserving History: Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site in New Albany, IN

The Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site, nestled in the charming city of New Albany, Indiana, is a testament to the opulence and grandeur of the Gilded Age. Built-in 1867 for local entrepreneur William S. Culbertson, this magnificent mansion offers visitors a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of one of Indiana’s wealthiest families. Learn more here.

The Culbertson Mansion is a stunning example of Second Empire architecture, characterized by its mansard roof, ornate detailing, and elegant facade. Designed by architect James T. Banes, the mansion boasts 20 rooms spread across three floors, each meticulously restored to its 19th-century splendor. Learn more about Exploring Nature’s Oasis: Loop Island Wetlands in New Albany, IN.

Visitors to the Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site can embark on guided tours of the mansion, led by knowledgeable docents who share the fascinating history and stories of the Culbertson family and their home. From the grand double parlors and formal dining room to the luxurious bedrooms and intricately decorated hallways, the mansion offers a captivating journey through the lives and times of its former residents.

In addition to its opulent interiors, the Culbertson Mansion features beautifully landscaped grounds and gardens, providing a tranquil setting for visitors to explore and enjoy. The mansion’s carriage house has been converted into a visitor center and museum, where exhibits showcase artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia related to the Culbertson family and the history of New Albany.

The Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site also hosts various special events, programs, and educational activities throughout the year, including Victorian teas, holiday celebrations, and historical reenactments. These events offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the Gilded Age while gaining a deeper appreciation for the hisIndiana’sy and heritage of Ind cherished landmark in New Albany, the Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site preserves and celebrates the legacy of one of Indiana’s most prominent families while offering visitors a unique glimpse into the past. Whether exploring the mansion’s ornate interiors, strolling through the gardens, or attending a special event, visitors are sure to be enchanted by this elegant estate’s timeless beauty and historical significance.